Who Are We?

Andrea Manthorne is an appellate lawyer and civil and criminal litigator with decades of experience handling complicated matters in state and federal courts.

In her appellate practice, Andrea handles both civil and criminal appeals and post-conviction matters. She is a highly regarded advocate and has earned a reputation among the bench and bar as a tireless advocate who is willing to take on difficult cases that other lawyers decline. When a matter takes an unexpected turn in the trial court, Andrea’s mastery of the appellate process allows her to assess the case on appeal and marshal the best arguments for reversal.

In her litigation practice, Andrea represents clients in difficult civil matters that include commercial disputes and personal injury matters. Andrea is also an integral member of larger teams of Roach Hewitt lawyers on civil matters and provides strategic counsel, legal research and analysis.

Prior to joining Roach Hewitt, Andrea was a legal consultant and advised clients involved in complex civil and criminal trial and appellate matters pending in state and federal courts in Maine and Florida. Several cases in which Andrea has been involved raised novel legal questions that were reported nationally in the mainstream press. Prior to her consulting work, Andrea was an attorney with the Florida Public Defenders Office where she tried and argued a broad variety of trial and appellate matters.